The perfect package for your wheel and tire webshop!

Need a database with all possible tire and wheel sizes of current and older cars? Want to know what tire and wheel sizes will fit besides the stock ones? Look no futher and get our FULL PACKAGE.

What do you get?

In the download you get our unique Wheelsizecalculator.com database under user license with many car makes and models and their tire and wheelsizes. The database is unique because it allows you to find all types that are simulair in circumference and PCD as one model for example BMW E90 325i, 330i, 335i = 3-serie E90. This means that the more than 1000 models that our database contains are different models and not 89 models with each ten (engine-) types like most databases. Check the database for yourself by using our free-of-charge calculator. You also get the full PHP script for building a wheelsizecalculator, tire (comparison) calculator and matchcalculator like ours. Click here to see the car models in the database.

 What can you do with this download?

After your payment via PayPal (also Creditcards accepted) we check it and you receive a ZIP file in your email inbox. Integrate the downloaded files in your website / webshop and embed it into your product database or advertisement. Customize the calculators to your specification. Use the data on your own website any way you please as long as you do not resell the data without our permission. Be among a growing group of wheel and tire shops that use our convenient product to maximize sales!

Complete package $ 125.00
mySQL tables with all car makes and models collected
mySQL table with all available wheel and tire sizes
PHP script to help build the Wheel Size Calculator
PHP script to help build the Tire Size Calculator
PHP script to help build the Match Calculator